FLSQ Conference 2021

Indigenous, Diversity, Inclusion, and Post-Covid Paths to Gender Equalities, Sustain/abilities, and Leaving No One Behind

International Women's Day Annual Conference,
Feminist Legal Studies, Gender Studies, and Cultural Studies,
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
March 12-13, 2021

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Friday, March 12, 2021

1:00-1:10 Conference Opening: Welcome, Land Acknowledgements, and Introduction to Goals

Rachel Hay, JD Candidate, Queen’s Law, offering land and territory acknowledgement

Bita Amani, Faculty of Law and Co-Director, Feminist Legal Studies Queen’s, Queen’s University

Kathleen Lahey, Faculty of Law and Co-Director, Feminist Legal Studies Queen’s, Queen’s University

1:10-3:10 – Chair and Moderator: Sharry Aiken
Panel One: Wellbeing, Gender Inequalities, and Adequate Standards of Living

Vrinda Narain, “Legal Responses to the Climate Crisis: Institutionality, Women’s Equality and Constitutional Law”

Bita Amani, “Voice, Value, Vulnerability: Indigenous Knowledge, Food Sovereignty, and Sustain/abilities for (Post Pandemic) Food Security”

Emily Snyder and Christy Anderson, “Gender, COVID-19, and Indigenous Legal Advocacy: A Preliminary Discussion”

Lori Oliver, “The Right to Housing in Canada: Imagining an Inclusive Future”

Liza Leshchynska, “A (Constructive) Criticism of Canada’s Response to Women facing Homelessness”

3:10-3:25 Break

3:25-5:00 – Chair and Moderator: Patricia Peppin
Panel Two: Alienation, Inclusion, Gender Inequalities and the Political Economy of Distributions and Benefits

Kathleen Lahey, “Gender, Indigenous, Inclusion, and Poverty Effects of Personal, Social Protection, Corporate, and Consumption Taxes: Fiscal Space for Equality and the SDGs, the Ecosphere, and Covid19?"

Paula Tatyane Cardozo Stemberg, “Gender Economic Inequality in the Tax Reform Proposals in Brazil: analysis of Constitutional Amendment Proposal n. 45/2019 and n.110/2019”

Bev Baines, “Fraser v. Canada and “the public good””

Ladan Adhami-Dorrani, “Meritocratic World Alienation: Perpetuation of Intersectional Inequalities”

4:55-5:10 Break

5:10-6:20 – Chair and Moderator: Lisa Kelly
Panel Three: (In)Equalities in Metrics and Measures of Value(s)

Rachel Lutz, “Coexistence for Harm-Reduction: Pro-Abortion and Disability Rights”

Julie DeWolf, “Sex workers and the best interests of their children: Identifying issues faced by sex workers involved in custody and access legal proceedings”

Harpreet Singh, “PornHub on Trial: Tort Liability of Websites hosting Non-Consensual Pornography”

6:20 Closing of Day 1

6:30 Group Photo of all conference participants, Group Photo of all conference speakers

Saturday, March 13, 2021

11:00 Day Two: , Land and Territorial Acknowledgement

Opening remarks, Dean Mark Walter’s Welcome

11:05-12:20 – Chair and Moderator: Marguerite Russell
Panel Four: Gender Equality and Empowerment Ground Up

Wajiha Mehdi, “Reclaiming Citizenship: Indian Muslim women’s protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019”

Nancy Coldham, “Saffron to Nene: Entrepreneurship Education as Sustainability Tools in Afghanistan”

Hon. Justice Ngozika Okaisabor, Customary Court Of Appeal, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, “Better Africa, Better World: Reimagining African Women in Leadership”

12:20-12:30 Break

12:30-2:00 – Chair and Moderator: Cheryl Bruce
Panel Five: Gender Inequality Case Study; Silenced Song: The Covid-19 Pandemic and Women in Music

Panel Discussion: Heather Brandon-DeSouza, Sharon Wei, Janet Loo

2:00 Conference Closing and Photo

2:10 Conference Adjourns (participants are welcome to linger until 2:30 in informal discussion)

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Queen's University sits on the traditional lands of the
Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples